FP&L imposter scam targets Flagler County customers

File photo
File photo

PALM COAST, Fla. – The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is sounding the alarm about a new scam going around that’s targeting Florida Power & Light customers.

Imposters posing as representatives for the utility are calling residents and saying their bills are past due, threatening to disconnect their service unless they pay up, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Once they’ve delivered that warning, the scammers are then telling victims to pay their bills over the phone using prepaid debit cards, gift cards or some other means, the agency said.

In reality, FPL does not ask customers to purchase prepaid cards or visit third-party websites to settle their outstanding balances.

Customers who receive suspicious calls from people claiming to work for the utility are urged to hang up the call and then contact the utility directly using the number on their statements.

“A lot has changed in 2020 but unfortunately, the scammers are still up to their old tricks,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “If you receive a call like this or from anyone requesting immediate payments or personal information over the phone we advise you to hang up and call the business yourself. Do not be an easy target.”

To learn more about utility fraud and how you can avoid becoming a victim, visit the Utilities United website.