City Council president extends special committee’s investigation into JEA


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A special committee that was formed to investigate JEA will be extended until the end of the year, according to a memo Friday from the City Council president.

Originally, the committee was scheduled to conclude on Sept. 30. The news release says it will now continue through Dec. 31.

The committee, which was given subpoena powers, was formed at the beginning of the year to investigate the failed bid to sell the city-owned utility.

The memo, sent by Council President Tommy Hazouri, states that he has accepted the resignation of Councilman Rory Diamond from the committee. It states the committee will be going forward with Councilwoman Brenda Priestly Jackson and Councilwoman Randy DeFoor. Hazouri said Scott Wilson will stay on through his council term and then be replaced.

Diamond was originally selected to lead the committee. The memo did not specify a new committee leader.

Most recently in the ongoing saga, testimony released Wednesday reveals what Mayor Lenny Curry and his staff may have known prior to the plan to try and sell JEA.

The special committee has made several notable discoveries, including how crucial information may have been intentionally destroyed on the personal device of the former JEA Chief Operating Officer.

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