Thousands of Duval students request move to brick-and-mortar learning

More than 7,700 will move to in-person format, while 1,618 opt for Duval HomeRoom

Duval County Schools are Back in Session

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friday was the deadline for Duval County families to lock in their student’s attendance plans for the second quarter of the academic year, and more than four times as many students asked to transfer to the brick-and-mortar format as those who requested Duval HomeRoom.

According to the school district, 1,618 students requested to transition to Duval HomeRoom, and 7,740 asked to move out of that format and back into full, brick-and-mortar attendance.

“During the next two weeks, school leaders will adjust master schedules to accommodate requested changes,” reads a post on the school district’s Team Duval blog.

As of Tuesday, 27,756 students were enrolled in Duval HomeRoom, and 79,643 students were attending classes in person.

Families will have two other opportunities to move their students into brick-and-mortar attendance at the beginning of the third and fourth quarters on Jan. 5 and March 19, respectively.

The second quarter of the Duval County Public Schools academic year begins Oct. 19.

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