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Jacksonville councilman again floats idea of civil citation for marijuana possession

Garrett Dennis to announce new legislation during City Council meeting

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – During an upcoming Jacksonville City Council Meeting, Councilman Garrett Dennis plans to introduce new legislation aimed at decriminalizing marijuana.

If passed, it would give police the discretion to issue a civil citation in lieu of arrest for misdemeanor marijuana possession for anyone age 18 or older carrying 20 grams of pot or less.

Someone could also opt to complete 10 hours of community service instead of a civil citation if it’s their first offense. A first violation counts as a Class A offense, a second counts as a Class B offense, and a third would be Class C.

It’s unclear how much a citation might cost. It didn’t appear to be listed in the ordinance.

Dennis filed a bill to decriminalize pot in the city last year, but it didn’t pass.

Here’s a look at the latest proposal: