Duval HomeRoom: School district lists 5 areas where adjustments need to be made


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With Duval HomeRoom in its second quarter, Duval County Public Schools has identified five areas where adjustments need to be made to improve learning for students, the school district said in a post Thursday on TeamDuval.org.

The school district said those areas are assessments, attendance, cameras, student information and teacher conferences.

In the message for Duval HomeRoom students and parents, the school district said there will be times when Duval HomeRoom students must come to campus for an assessment. If students are doing an online assessment, they should have their cameras on and they should not get help from their parents or anyone else.

According to the district, teachers may do attendance checks throughout class to make sure students are there and engaged. Students must respond to these checks. If a student is not meeting attendance expectations, an Academic Intervention Team will meet with the student to come up with a plan.

Students should also turn their cameras on if requested by teachers, the district said.

In addition, the district said, get a parent FOCUS account to monitor assignments and grades. For more information about setting up an account in FOCUS, click here.

And, the district said, if parents need to talk with their child’s teacher, they should request an appointment through the school -- not during learning time.