2 Jacksonville food trucks shut down for major health violations

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two food trucks in Jacksonville got emergency shutdown orders from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations' Division of Hotels and Restaurants this week.

Lazy Days

Lazy Days food truck might have lived up to its name too well this week, suffering violations for employees not washing their hands. Of course, it wasn’t their fault since they had no capability to. The inspector found the food truck was operating without running water.

With only two violations, Lazy Days was shut down Monday, Oct. 26, but reopened with a perfect score Wednesday morning and is back on the road again.

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El Chamo Criollo

El Chamo Criollo, also a food truck, was forced to shut down October 28 for some major roach activity. The restaurant report shows a food safety inspector found 11 live roaches in the truck, noting 10 inside a cabinet and one on the counter near the service window.

The food truck was given another high-priority violation for storing medication in the refrigerator, though it was removed during the inspector’s visit. An intermediate-level violation was also given because some required training for employees was expired.

On the return inspection the next day, El Chamo Criollo didn’t fare much better. It had to remain closed for more roach activity; however, the inspector returned a second time the same day and it was allowed to reopen

Time was extended for the employee training to be renewed.

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