Family identifies 18-year-old killed in Green Cove Springs shooting

Skyler Townsend, 18, was shot to death in shooting on Center Street

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. – A day after a teenager was shot to death and two other men were wounded, police investigating a Green Cove Springs shooting had not yet announced an arrest, however, they did say a vehicle of interest was located and being processed for evidence.

The 18-year-old victim’s family told News4Jax that the man killed in Tuesday’s shooting on Center Street was Skyler Townsend.

“It’s not real, it’s got to be somebody else. They must have got the name wrong. It’s not possible. He’s 18 years old. He hasn’t even started life,” Townsend’s uncle, Jimmy, told News4Jax. “How can it be over for him?”

Genna Fraizer, a neighbor, said she and her family was finishing up dinner when they heard the gunshots.

“We grabbed the kids and ran upstairs and we hid them in the stairwell and made sure everything was locked down,” she said.

“My mom grabbed me and pushed me into a corner to make sure I was safe,” said Frazier’s daughter, Samantha.

“After I heard the sirens, my parents left, and I just stayed there until the coast was clear,” said Frazier’s son, William.

Frazier said she and her husband ran outside, where they heard screams for help.

“One of the officers on the scene told me they’re just trying to save his life,” she said.

Investigators have not released a description of a suspect.

“People know what happened. People know. Somebody has seen it. Somebody knows something,” Jimmy Townsend said. “And if they can think of anything, please, they need to reach out.”

Jimmy Townsend says he wants whoever took his nephew’s life to pay the consequences.

Green Cove Springs Police on Tuesday night said the investigation remains “very active.”

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