4 easy ways to increase cybersecurity during holiday shopping

With health officials encouraging people to do more safe Black Friday shopping online, cybersecurity experts want to remind you scammers are ready to log in and take your hard-earned money. News4jax reporter Ashley Harding joins us live this morning with some easy tips you can take to keep your cash safe.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With even more Black Friday sales online this year, cybersecurity experts say scammers are also more prepared than ever to log in and take your hard-earned money.

Here are some easy things to do to help you shop safely.

  • Sign up to receive scam alerts through your bank. Suspicious purchases or withdraws are flagged by the bank and the account holder is immediately notified and asked to verify the activity or report it as fraud.
  • Create a strong password if you’re required to make an account for a purchase.
  • Don’t store payment information with online retailers. More and more people are having their personal information stolen this way, according to Tech Times.
  • Use your credit card instead of your debit card to shop online. Credit cards have several more advanced protections in place to alert you of fraud when it happens and to make sure you are refunded if you do fall victim.

When it comes to getting duped over a really good deal, experts say there’s one rule of thumb that never fails to save you money.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

About the Author:

Ashley Harding joined the Channel 4 news team in March 2013 and reports every weekday for The Morning Show.