Jacksonville shoppers flock to stores seeking Black Friday savings

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Shoppers in Jacksonville didn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic keep them from scoring a good deal on Black Friday.

If you’re heading out for Black Friday savings -- which are taking place over a full weekend instead of just 24 hours -- there are things you can do to stay safe from the crowds and the virus.

In addition to traditional tips, like wear running shoes, masks will be must-wear items at virtually every store. Health experts remind you, the mask is not just to protect yourself, but to protect those working the holiday weekend.

At the St. Johns Town Center, dozens of people lined-up outside of stores. Aerie, Lululemon, and Best Buy had the longest lines Friday morning.

Shoppers said the lines were long because stores aren’t letting everyone inside together.

“When I came there were only 10-15 people in line but they’re still only letting it, couple people, in at a time, controlling the crowd getting into the store. I felt safe. I didn’t feel concerned about on terms of how many people were in the store,” she said.

While the deals continue Friday in stores and online. Saturday, known as Small Business Saturday, is another shopping holiday aimed at showing support for local and small businesses.

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