The Swamp Restaurant to return to Gainesville in 2022

The original landmark will be rebuilt in a new location in the Gainesville Innovation District

The Swamp Restaurant will return to Gainesville in 2022 in a newly-constructed building in the likeness of the original landmark.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A beloved Gainesville fixture since 1994 will return to serve Gator country in 2022.

On Sunday, The Swamp Restaurant owner, Ryan Prodesky, announced that the restaurant will be rebuilt in a brand-new building that will capture the charm and likeness of the original landmark.

The two-story building will be relocated to Gainesville’s Midtown area, at 1026 SW Second Avenue in the Gainesville Innovation District. The new location is less than two blocks away from the University of Florida’s main entrance on Southwest 13th Street.

This summer, The Swamp’s original building on West University Avenue was demolished after a national contractor purchased the land the restaurant was on to construct hundreds of new student apartments, along with retail and restaurant spaces. This happened despite a Change.org petition with more than 34,000 signatures from students, alumni and fans, asking for the preservation of the original structure.

Prodesky was offered a location on the first floor of the new commercial complex but decided the restaurant would have a “big box” feel if it was built there.

“We were inspired by the overwhelming support we received from the Gator Nation when news broke that The Swamp’s original building was being knocked down,” said Prodesky. “When people think of The Swamp, they think of so much more than a restaurant. They think of having Sunday brunch on the front lawn with their friends, watching the Gators homecoming game on the big screen outside, or celebrating their 21st birthday.”

To preserve the ambiance of the restaurant, Prodesky teamed up with Trimark Properties to develop a custom building that will fully resemble The Swamp’s original structure, while providing a brand-new, state-of-the-art kitchen and bar.

The Swamp’s website is up and running once again, and fans can log on to check out the “Swamp Cam,” which will show the new building being constructed, along with information on upcoming events.

The Swamp Restaurant plans to re-open in August 2022, just in time for the first game of the Florida Gators football season that year.