COVID-19 vaccinations underway in Georgia’s Glynn & Chatham counties

Health care workers, long-term care facility personnel prioritized in first phase of inoculation

COVID-19 vaccinations underway in Georgia’s Glynn & Chatham counties
COVID-19 vaccinations underway in Georgia’s Glynn & Chatham counties

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – Inoculation efforts are expanding in Georgia with thousands of doses of Pfizer’s COVID- 19 vaccine arriving Monday in Glynn and Chatham Counties and their administration to health care workers within the Coastal Health District beginning Tuesday.

“What we’re focusing on is actually administer vaccines,” said Paige Lightsey, immunization coordinator for the Coastal Health District. “We’ve been calling our health care providers in our area and also vaccinating some of our own staff.”

The health department in Glynn County installed a specialized deep freezer specifically to store the vaccines at the required temperature of minus 70 degrees.

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Local pharmacy chains are also working to distribute the drug to long-term care facilities throughout the Peach State.

One of the challenges for the Coastal Health District is the “cold chain,” a term that describes an uninterrupted, temperature-controlled supply chain.

Because of that, Lightsey said the focus Tuesday is on Glynn and Chatham counties, and the plan is to branch out to other locations starting Wednesday.

“We’re trying our very best, we want to get this vaccine out to the public so we can protect people as much as possible, and hopefully get back to some type of normal for everybody,” Lightsey said.

Lightsey added that the time for residents to relax COVID-19 safety protocols has not yet arrived.

“We still need to be very vigilant,” Lightsey said. “Wash your hands, wear your mask, try to stay six feet away. I know the holidays are coming up and people want to gather, but we really need time to get this under control and get the vaccine to as many people as we can.”

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