What would you buy with the Powerball jackpot?

What would you do with lottery winnings?
What would you do with lottery winnings?

Going into Saturday, there was over $1 billion total up for grabs between Saturday’s Powerball drawing and the Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday.

But what about purchasing something? You have plenty of options.

“I hope that I win,” said lottery player Lindsay Faber. “It could be me. I would put a down payment on a house, if not pay for the whole house, I guess with that amount of money.”

The Mega Millions jackpot is at $850 million before taxes, while the Powerball jackpot was at $640 million.

There are many things that a person can buy, like a private island to party or just take a quick vacation.

Or if you love Shad Khan’s yacht, you could buy one just like it for $200 million.

With millions of millionaires in the world you wouldn’t be alone.

“Lottery can change the future, you know,” said Jay Patel, owner R&R Discount Beverage. “You can try your luck. It just costs you a couple dollars.”

There are a million and one people things you can do if you win the jackpot, but the biggest problem would probably be saving money as a new millionaire.

Historically, some that find instant wealth spend the money as quickly as they get it.

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