Man said suspected brothel in Deerwood had ‘cameras, lights, racks of costumes’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A day after News4Jax learned of an arrest at a home that Jacksonville police said was being used as a brothel, a man who says he once worked with the suspect is revealing what went on inside the Deerwood Country Club property.

Anna Domino, 50, is charged with maintaining a home for prostitution, soliciting for prostitution and running an adult business without a license.

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The man, who asked not to be identified, said he worked with Domino on what was supposed to be an adult entertainment site. He said the home was intended to be used as a studio for production.

The man said he was brought on to do tech work at the home on Hunters Grove Road.

“If you had gone in, you would have seen cameras, lighting, racks of costumes. We had makeup and a wardrobe room. It was setup to be a production company,” he said.

The man told News4Jax the setup was for virtual adult entertainment.

“It was going to be Fungeon Production, and it was an adult entertainment site,” he said.

The same man said he was a friend of Domino and referred to himself as a former consultant of Fungeon Productions LLC, which documents show was registered out of the state of Wyoming. The license was filed in August 2020.

“You have to have payroll for all the employees and that includes the performers, and they also have to be over the age of 18 and they have to sign a consent, and they have to have two proofs of state issued ID in order for us to validate, very much like an I-9, but we also have them fill out an I-9 for tax purposes, because they were going to get health insurance and all of that,” the man explained. “There were never any underaged people in there, I was adamant about that.”

The former consultant said the police never visited the address when he was there, which he said was for a few months.

According to the man, Domino lived at the home with her makeup artist and another man who was responsible for maintenance on the property.

News4Jax requested additional information from the attorney representing Fungeon Productions. His response to our request reads:

“I am ethically unable to speak with you regarding my representation of any present or former client.”

Neighbors who spoke with News4Jax said Domino had been living at the home since July. Research of the address shows she was renting the property.

One neighbor, who spoke on a condition of anonymity, said she toured the home in May before anyone moved in.

“It was super modern inside. They had done a lot of renovations. It overlooked a lake and a golf course in the back. It was beautiful,” the neighbor said.

“What’s really disturbing in my opinion is this is a very great neighborhood,” the neighbor continued. “A lot of great families. There’s a school next door.”

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s calls for service, police were called to the home 11 times from Nov. 26 to Jan. 21. Those calls include a drug investigation, a suspicious person and a missing person.

“Thankfully, JSO stepped in and took all of our concerns seriously,” the neighbor said.

A request for comment from one of the listed homeowners of the property was not immediately returned.

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