Jacksonville man to bike 11,500 miles to raise money for cancer nonprofit

Greg Taylor is giving back in a daring way

Jacksonville man, Greg Taylor will bike across the country to raise money for those battling cancer.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville man will spend six months biking across America in partnership with Chemo Noir, a cancer nonprofit that helps provide financial support to the families, friends, and fighters in their battle with the disease.

“I really want to give back to Jacksonville, it’s kind of my adopted city, my adopted home,” explained Greg Taylor.

On February 20, Taylor will ride solo from Jacksonville to San Diego; San Diego to Seattle; Seattle to Maine; and Maine back home to Jacksonville.

“It has always been on my bucket list to conquer the United States in a way that few have, all while generating charitable donations for a foundation I fully support,” Taylor said. “With the help of my family, friends, and sponsors alike, these six months can bring together fitness, passion, and a love for doing great things for great people.”

Taylor is a CrossFit athlete and decided to start biking last year.

“While I’m still young and while I still have this period that I can still do something pretty cool for the city, so I got into biking last year and decided to kick it up a notch,” said Taylor.

His journey will be approximately 11,500 miles and take upwards of six months to complete.

“What you want to do is plan two to three days ahead of time so that you can always change,” said Taylor. “So the first three days are mapped out and ready to go and then you take it two to three days at a time after that.”

All of the proceeds raised will go to Chemo Noir which is run by Taylor’s good friend, Kat.

“I actually met her serving tables in the Town Center and she convinced me to want to do a little more than that, to want to follow some passions,” explained Taylor.

Taylor will leave on February 20th from Crucible Crossfit in San Marco.

Click here for more information. To donate, visit www.usacancercycle.com.


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