Nonprofit celebrates Amanda Gorman ahead of Super Bowl poetry reading

After reading her poem at the inauguration, Amanda Gorman signed a modeling contract, made the cover of Time Magazine and will soon recite a poem for the Super Bowl. The organizations that worked with her explain how it's been a long time coming for her.

Weeks after the inauguration, Amanda Gorman is still making headlines.

As she graces the new cover of TIME’s Black Renaissance issue, in just a few days she will be taking to the field for the Super Bowl to perform a new poem.

I spoke to one national organization that has worked closely with Gorman before the large-scale fame.

“She’s made the world a brighter place for all of us. And she has made this work just shine in an even more powerful way. And she’s brought tremendous inspiration to so many children around this country,” said Laura Brief, CEO of 826 National.

Amanda Gorman, a household name after her inauguration performance, continues to shine her light with messages of positivity, hope, and unity.

This Super Bowl Sunday, she will perform her new poem honoring three Americans for their work during the pandemic.

“She also sent a really important message about the importance of writing, the importance of youth voice, and the importance of arts education. And so, when I think about Amanda stepping onto the field at the super bowl and doing the same, I just think about how much that message will be even more amplified,” said Brief.

Laura Brief, the CEO of 826 National, has worked closely with Gorman since 2019.

The organization works with more than a hundred thousand students across the country to provide equitable writing opportunities for all.

“She was doing a project called We the Future, in which young leaders were asked to identify a non-profit that shared their philosophy about life, so she reached out to 826 National. And she created this beautiful poster that honored both the spirit of her work and the spirit of our work and we were tremendously moved by how to align our missions,” said Brief.

Gorman continues to work with the organization on a variety of projects and now sits on the board.

Inspiring the next generation to make change through the powerful use of words.

“When we teach literacy in the United States, we’re talking about teaching reading. And reading is so incredibly important of course. But at 826 the way we think about it is reading is access but writing is power. And when you look at Amanda Gorman you see that in action,” said Brief.

826 National is in 9 cities across the country. Their digital platform also ensures all students and teachers have free writing resources at their fingertips.

As Super Bowl fans cheer on their teams, this non-profit will be celebrating Gorman’s success and how her light ignites a fire of passion for writing in people of all ages.

“We’re so inspired and so proud and can’t wait to see what comes next from her but also what comes next for the thousands and thousands of people that are inspired by her,” said Brief.