City Councilman: ‘Ball of sparks’ as car careens off Dames Point Bridge

Jacksonville City Council Al Ferraro called 911 after witnessing crash

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – He described it as a “ball of sparks.”

A Jacksonville City Council member is among the witnesses to a crash over the weekend on the Dames Point Bridge that sent a car careening off the bridge.

It ended in a dramatic rescue with firefighters pulling the car’s driver to safety from the St. Johns River.

For District 2 City Councilman Al Ferraro and his wife, Saturday night was not another trip.

“Before we got to the bridge, she was saying, how many people have fallen off the bridge?” he recalled. “I was telling her don’t worry about this. It is safe.”

But the conditions at the time were concerning because of heavy rain and thick fog. Moments later, they saw a crash.

“We just saw what looks like a ball of sparks going off to the side,” Ferraro said. “And it went into the water. We had one of the light poles that landed in front of our truck.”

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a speeding vehicle hit a 27-year-old man’s car from behind, causing the 27-year-old’s car to go over the edge of the bridge.

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