Discovery material released in case of Clay County contractor accused of killing client

Corey Binderim charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of Susan Mauldin

FLEMING ISLANDCory , Fla. – The State Attorney’s Office on Friday released numerous evidence files in the case of a Clay County contractor who’s accused of killing his client.

Corey Binderim is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Susan Mauldin, a British widow who disappeared from her home in Oct. 2019. He pleaded not guilty in May during a virtual arraignment.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office believes Binderim is the person who last saw her alive. Mauldin’s remains were found in a Folkston, Georgia landfill after more than 7,300 tons of trash had been searched.

The newly released evidence shows financial records and checks for $12,000 of remodeling work Binderim was hired to do at Mauldin’s Fleming Island home. Documents show Binderim failed to show up for work and finish the job on several occasions.

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Mauldin was reported missing on Oct. 25th, 2019.

A receipt shows that a day prior, Binderim bought concrete and large heavy duty construction bags around 7 a.m. Photos show Binderim at Home Depot on two different occasions.

Photo taken outside Home Depot
Photo taken outside Home Depot (State Attorney's Office evidence)

A surveillance photo also shows what appears to be Binderim’s white truck in Mauldin’s driveway.

A document shows between 9:12 a.m. and 9:19 a.m. that morning, Binderim dumped 300 pounds in the construction area of the landfill at the Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility.

Documents show he then went to a storage unit, where a K-9 later smelled decomposition from a plastic bin and tool bag that had been inside Mauldin’s home.

Luminol shows the presence of blood in one photo.

Mauldin’s remains were recovered in the landfill three months after her disappearance. Photos show what appears to be clothing and remains in a tarp-like material.

Photo taken during landfill search
Photo taken during landfill search (State Attorney's Office evidence)

The day Mauldin was reported missing, Karen Hall said, detectives were sent to her home.


“Because of the fact I was getting my home remodeled, he was dealing with Susan Mauldin at the same time,” Hall explained.

Hall said Binderim showed up to do remodeling work at her house.

“He showed up around 11 or 12, and he delivered my flooring,” Hall said. “But he told me that he had some sort of congestion or something, and he wasn’t breathing good that day, so he had to go home.”

Hall told News4Jax she too had issues with the contract work, saying Binderim made up excuses like a maid stole the checks.

“He had to go to Mayo Clinic, and, he had to go to the doctor for this or, you know, or something that was always an excuse,” Hall said. “And then at the end, he just, like, vanished and my work was never completed.”

Binderim is scheduled for a court hearing on Feb. 23. He has been appointed a public defender.

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