Report: Federal grand jury subpoenas witnesses in probe of JEA

City Council investigation finds effort to sell JEA ‘ran afoul through Aaron Zahn’s greed’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A federal grand jury will soon hear from witnesses in the investigation of JEA’s efforts to sell the city-owned utility to a private entity, according to a report by the Florida Times-Union.

Columnist Nate Monroe cites several sources that numerous grand jury subpoenas have been issued.

The U.S. Attorneys Office has been looking into JEA and the issues surrounding the leadership team and their involvement in the sales plan.

Former CEO Aaron Zahn and most of the other senior managers of JEA were fired last year when it came to light about a controversial employee bonus plan that could have earned them millions of dollars.

Among the findings of a months-long investigation by a special Jacksonville City Council committee was that the effort to sell JEA “ran afoul through Aaron Zahn’s greed.”

Federal prosecutors do not comment on current investigations.

There’s no official word when the grand jury will take up the matter or how long this investigation could take.

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