Brush fire scorches 150 acres in Glynn County

The fire was 100% contained Sunday night

After crews battled the flames for hours, a brush fire in Brunswick is finally out, thanks in part to some rain showers moving through the area.

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – Investigators are working to determine what caused a brush fire to spark near Golden Isles Parkway and Highway 99 in Glynn County Sunday morning.

It grew to 150-acres before the blaze was contained more than 12 hours later, the Georgia Forestry Commission confirmed.

Glynn County Fire Department said the agency was first called around 11:30 am., and more units were called as the fire grew.

“I’m not 100% sure the total area. I’m on engine one and we stayed here to protect the houses because the fire came through the woods over here and then back around. Several hundred acres I’m guessing,” said Captain Robby Payne.

It spread past where their units were stationed and were active all day. The fire came inches away from the back of a house.

“It was up and down, up and down. When you have dry brush like that it burns really fast and it looks spectacular,” said Captain Bobby Armstrong.

Officials said lots of wind and a lack of rain pushed the fire deep into the property.

“When we were dispatched it was only like a 200 square foot area they said, but because the wind was so high it spread all the way from there and just kind of v’ed out and progressed,” said Payne.

Driving through the property were spots of fires and heavy smoke seen miles into the woods.

The Georgia Forestry commission flew over the fire to track its movement.

We’re told no one was injured, no known property losses, and multiple agencies responded to this fire.

An All-Call has been issued for a large brush fire in the area of Golden Isles Parkway and Highway 99. Multiple units are working to extinguish the fire at this time.

Posted by Glynn County Fire Rescue on Sunday, March 28, 2021

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