CDC looking into possible heart issues in some young vaccine recipients

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The CDC is putting out a warning about possible heart issues arising in vaccinated teenagers. The number of cases at this point was described as relatively few by the CDC’s advisory group on immunization practices.

The group also points out it’s still unclear whether the heart issues are directly related to the vaccine.

The condition is known as myocarditis. The reports says most cases appear to be mild and the CDC is following up on these cases. They have been seen in patients who took the Moderna and Pfizer shots.

We spoke with a heart doctor who says there’s simply not enough data available yet.

“We do know that younger people do tend to have more robust response. So it is possible this may be a more robust response in the heart,” said Dr. Michael Koren of the Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research.

“I would not get too concerned about it until details can be flushed out. There’s a good chance these could be random cases that have absolutely nothing do to with the vaccine,” said Koren.

We’re talking to parents about this development. They tell us they want more information on whether there’s a significant threat.

“I would rather to be safe than sorry, go ahead and vaccinate the children. But I would like to have more information as far as the side effects in that age range,” said parent Preston Nance.

The report say the cases have happened following the second dose of a COVID vaccine instead of one, about four days after the second shot.