Florida officials release storm preparedness resources

As the first Atlantic Storm has been named the need to be prepared for the 2021 hurricane season grows.

JACKSONVILLE, FLa. – President Joe Biden will visit FEMA headquarters in Washington D.C. on Monday for a briefing on the Atlantic hurricane outlook and preparedness efforts as Florida’s attorney general released her office’s hurricane preparedness guide. Ashley Moody focuses on the most common consumer complaints during hurricane season.

During a declared state of emergency, the state Attorney General’s Office activates the state’s price gouging hotline to receive reports of excessive price increases. Throughout a declared state of emergency, it is unlawful to sell essential commodities for an amount that grossly exceeds the average price for that commodity during the 30 days before the declaration.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis has already released his financial natural disaster preparedness guide, which says if you don’t have flood insurance and live in an area prone to flooding, call your agent and get it now.

Also, make sure your policy includes adequate coverage for all your personal belongings. Be advised, the value of some of your items may have gone up over the last few years, and you may not know that. Also make sure your policy includes expenses like a limited motel, restaurant, and storage costs. This way, you’re covered if your home is left unlivable following a storm.

Florida’s disaster-preparedness tax holiday will run from Friday through June 6. During this time, you’ll get a sales tax break on things like select reusable ice packs, portable radios, gas tanks and packages or batteries that cost $50 or less. Also tax-free will be select non-electric food coolers, tarps and portable generators.

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