Homeowner, firefighter rally to help doe with foot stuck in toy

The neighbors affectionally nicknamed her ‘Big Nose’ and she has been seen with two fawns.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – It’s not uncommon to see deer in Leslie Talbert’s St. Johns County community.

“So we probably have a herd of 40 or 50,” she said. “I was taking my dog for a walk a few days ago and I actually saw this deer in the median.”

The neighbors affectionally nicknamed her ‘Big Nose’ and she has been seen with two fawns. But this deer has an issue. Her hoof is caught in a plastic sand shovel.

“It’s a brand new shovel and it’s wedged right onto her hoof and in between her little pad and it’s not going to move,” Talbert explained. “She was limping away, so when I saw that I immediately thought I have to call somebody, get help for this thing.”

Talbert said she called Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“Unfortunately, they were not very helpful,” she said. “They said she was still mobile (so) there was nothing they could do.”

Asked about the situation, FWC sent News4Jax this statement:

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Talbert said she was desperate for help so she turned to social media.

“That is where I found Deanna and she is actually with the fire department,” Talbert said.

“All of our training is geared toward livestock, so why not take those methods that we have and see if we can apply to wildlife?” said Deana Blackburn, a local firefighter. “So we are going to try to pen, catch, blindfold, pull the shovel off and then release her back to her babies.”

They plan to attempt the rescue Friday night.

“She’s been pretty repetitive about coming for her meal. She loves cracked corn and garlic bread. She comes every night so fingers crossed she will show up tonight and we will be able to help her,” Talbert said.

News4Jax is hoping to be there for the rescue and provide an update.

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