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Dog owner says he received fine after cats attacked in Jacksonville neighborhood

Owner of Buddy and Trixie says he’s sorry for what happened

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The owner of two dogs accused of killing two family cats and severely injuring a third said he has received a fine.

Tips into the newsroom led News4Jax to the home of the dog owner, who goes by the name Kyle Ray.

When News4Jax arrived at Ray’s home shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday, an animal control officer was there. After the officer left, Ray told News4Jax that he had received a hefty fine and has been ordered to appear in court because the city wants to label his animals as dangerous dogs, which means they’re one step closer to being taken away from him and possibly euthanized.

Ray said his dogs, named Buddy and Trixie, were the ones seen in videos attacking family pets in an area off Baymeadows Road, just west of Old Kings Road. He said they got out of their yard because someone left the gate open.

“I try to keep them contained in the yard as much as I can,” Ray said. “I guess they got into a few people’s yards which is understandable. They got onto private property, and that sucks.”

He also said he’s sorry for what happened and understands why people are upset that his dogs killed family pets.

“If it was somebody’s dog attacking my cat on my property, I’d shoot the dog,” he said.

Some pet owners worried small children would get attacked, but Ray said his dogs are emotional support animals that would not harm a human.

“That’s why I’m here talking to you to let them know my dogs aren’t dangerous to children,” Ray said.

Ray will now have to appear in court to convince a judge that his dogs should not be deemed dangerous. State law says a dog is deemed dangerous if it kills or seriously injures a domestic animal without being provoked. In this case, his dogs are accused of leaving their property and attacking and killing cats on private property in a nearby neighborhood.

“If he (Buddy) is deemed a dangerous dog, the only way I can keep him is he has to wear a dangerous dog tag around his neck and I have to get insurance on him,” Ray said. “These are beautiful things because that’s a second chance to keep him with his daddy.”

Also, if the dogs are deemed dangerous, he would be required to securely confine the dogs. In addition to that, he would be required to put up signs outside his home letting people know there are dangerous animals on the property.

Rays said he is also fighting the case because if his dogs are deemed dangerous, he will no longer be allowed to take them to certain places in public.

If a dog deemed dangerous kills or injures a person or domestic animal, the dog can be removed and euthanized. Also, the owner can face fines, civil lawsuits and even be sentenced to time in jail.

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