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Mega find: Man finds megalodon shark tooth on Fernandina Beach

Biologists say tooth could be millions of years old

Mega find: Man finds megalodon shark tooth on Fernandina Beach
Mega find: Man finds megalodon shark tooth on Fernandina Beach

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – It was a “mega” find on Amelia Island Thursday morning.

Jacob Danner, who resides in Fernandina Beach, turned heads with the find of a lifetime: a massive megalodon shark tooth.

“My heart was kind of just in my mouth,” Danner told News4Jax. “You know it was so exciting it’s like at first you can’t believe what you just found.”

Danner said it was definitely an unexpected find. He said he was just out on a morning stroll.

“The waves were coming in and I came across this incredible megalodon in just pristine condition,” Danner said.

Biologists say the tooth could be millions of years old.

Jim Gelsleichter, an associate biology professor at the University of North Florida, said the megalodon species is only known for its teeth but can reveal much more information about the shark.

“The megalodon fossils that have been observed usually runs around 30 feet in length or so,” Dr. Gelsleichter said. “So we can use information about the size of the teeth. And to extrapolate the ultimate size of the animal, we can look at the distribution of where teeth are found and get an idea of the distribution of the animal.”

Danner said he frequently finds shark teeth, just not this size. He will definitely be adding this find to his collection.

“Every time I find a tooth, even the little smallest one or even a fragment of one, I have that little bit of childlike Wonder of the World that comes out,” Danner said. “That little bit of a giggle, that laugh that excitement.”

Thursday’s find turned his early morning stroll, into a day he’ll never forget.

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