Man accused of impersonating officer in Glynn County

Man posing as officer pulled over people in Touchstone Parkway area, police say

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – There have been two reports of a man impersonating a law enforcement officer and pulling over people, according to the Glynn County Police Department.

Police said both incidents happened during the early evening hours this week in the Touchstone Parkway area.

In both cases, according to police, the man was driving a dark-colored SUV that’s believed to have some type of writing on the side, as well as a blue light, possibly attached to the vehicle dash.

He was described as a middle-aged man with a medium to large build, bald head, and salt and pepper goatee-style beard about an inch in length. He was reportedly wearing a dark-colored polo shirt and khaki pants.

After the people stopped, according to police, the man asked for their license and provided a vague reason for the stop, but he left when they asked to speak with his supervisor. The Police Department said the people who were pulled over did not report the incidents when they took place -- they notified officers in passing.

Police are working to identify the man. Anyone with information about him or who has had a similar encounter is asked call the Police Department at 912-554-3645 or Silent Witness at 912-264-1333.

People who live in the area told News4Jax that they have seen more police in the area since the incidents.

“It’s kind of crazy. We don’t have any problems around here,” said William Wright. “Just to even hear about it is kind of alarming.”

Wright encouraged his neighbors to be vigilant.

“There are some people out here doing some crazy stuff,” he said. “So just be alert, know your rights, know what to do and what not to do.”

If any vehicle with blue lights, marked or unmarked, tries to stop you, according to police, turn on your hazards, wave to the vehicle and proceed to a safe, well-lighted location such as an open store. Police said that if the vehicle is not clearly marked and you have a concern, immediately call 911 and advise them where you are, your vehicle description and then the description of the possible police vehicle.

News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson reiterated that advice.

“If people find themselves pulled over, particularly by an unmarked car, if they’re uncomfortable, yry to pull over in a well-lit area if it’s at night,” Jefferson said. “If they are suspicious of the officer, always ask to see his ID -- his badge and his ID.”

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