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Jacksonville detective fires shots at suspects, one with rifle

No one was hit by gunfire; several suspects in custody

Several In Custody After Gun Pointed At Detective
Several In Custody After Gun Pointed At Detective

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Multiple people are in custody after police say one of them pointed a gun at a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective late Thursday night and that officer fired several shots.

Police say two people -- one carrying a rifle -- walked up to the detective’s unmarked car parked on Elmhurst Drive -- in the Highlands area of Jacksonville’s Northside -- about 9:30 p.m.

Investigators said the detective, who was with the Gang Unit, turned on his flashing lights and that’s when the person with the rifle aimed at him, so the detective identified himself, then fired several shots as the suspects ran. No was hit.

Officers had already set up a perimeter so the suspects didn’t get far. A JSO helicopter spotted one of the suspects on the roof of a house. Four others came out of the house and surrendered. Charges are pending.

JSO said both people who approached the detective are people of interest in other violent crimes.

Police are waiting for a search warrant to enter the home. The officer who fired the shots has been placed on administrative leave which is protocol.

The shooting comes as members of the community work to find peaceful solutions, to end violent crime in Jacksonville. Leaders of Noah’s Ark, the Cure Violence site on the Eastside, met with community members to shows them how they curb violence in the area.

They say it’s not just a legal issue, it’s a public health issue. Their strategies include mediation and intervention in conflicts, promoting education opportunities for youth and keeping tabs with the members of the community.

Cure Violence says when they are doing their work you will never see them doing it, “you will never see the proof of our work, because when we meditate you will never see the violence. No violence will ever show up,” the leaders said. “Because we’ve taken care of it while you were sleeping, we’ve taken care of it while you were doing your groceries and living your life. We are out there meditating and stopping the violence, so our success you will never see. And that’s a good thing.”