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Prosecutors release evidence in fatal Jacksonville road-rage crash

Ana Jimenez charged with 2nd-degree murder, vehicular homicide

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Surveillance video, 911 calls and witness statements have been released by the State Attorney’s Office in a case that the Florida Highway Patrol calls a road rage incident that led to the death of a driver.

Ana Jimenez is charged with second-degree murder, vehicular homicide and reckless driving after investigators said the chase across the Buckman Bridge onto U.S. Highway 17 ended in a crash.

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Dispatch: “911, what’s your emergency?”

Jimenez: “Hi, yes, someone just hit me.”

Investigators said that in April 2019, James Robinson hit Jimenez’s car on I-295 near Old St. Augustine Road and both got off at the San Jose Boulevard exit.

Jimenez: “San Jose. Um, I’m going to hit the exit here. I’m following him. He didn’t stop when he hit me in the middle of the road.”

Police said Jimenez followed the driver into the parking lot of a Target and tried to block him in while calling 911, saying she was hurt.

Dispatch: “If you would like rescue, don’t chase after him.”

Jimenez said the man sped away.

Jimenez: “Someone stop him! He hit me! Someone stop him! He hit me! Stop him!

Dispatch: “Listen, ma’am, the police will handle that. I need you to talk to me so fire and rescue can help you, you said that you’re hurt.”

Investigators said Robinson got back onto the interstate and sped toward the Buckman at speeds of 100 mph, and Jimenez chased after him.

Multiple witnesses, one who took cellphone video, told the Florida Highway Patrol that Jimenez repeatedly rammed the man’s SUV, forcing it into the retainer wall, a report shows.

The investigative report said both continued on, pushing against each other -- the vehicles seen on a witness’ cellphone video, smoking in the distance as they got off at U.S. 17.

FHP received more witness accounts and surveillance video as Jimenez chased the man up Roosevelt Boulevard toward Naval Air Station Jacksonville, the report said.

Jimenez struck the SUV one more time and the man lost control, went through the median and collided with several vehicles heading south, according to the report.

Robinson died at the scene. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Three others were hurt and five vehicles were damaged.

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