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Duval County health department staff: Wait 10 days after positive COVID-19 test before getting retested

The health department is asking those who've recently tested positive for the virus to wait ten days before getting retested.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health in Duval County is asking those who’ve recently tested positive for the coronavirus to wait 10 days before getting retested.

The health department has seen long lines of people waiting to get tested at its Central Health Plaza.

According to the state, last week, roughly one out of every four people tested in Duval County, tested positive for COVID-19.

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Staff at the Duval County health department said they have noticed many of those who recently tested positive are returning to the lines to be tested again much sooner than they should.

“What we really want is people to isolate for the 10 days after their positive test and not come to get tested before the 10 days is up,” said Tawanda Washington, with the health department.

The health department is doing what’s called a PCR test, which means there’s a swab and the sample is sent off. It could take a couple of days for results.

“If you get a PCR test and it is positive, whether you are symptomatic or not, you should isolate for 10 days. That’s if you’re unvaccinated, fully vaccinated or you only had one vaccine and you still have to get a second,” Washington said.

The other type of test is an antigen test -- the rapid test that some drug stores and home kits offer. Many who test positive with that test want a second opinion, but Washington said to believe the results and stay home for 10 days before testing again.

The rule of thumb: Whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, if you have been exposed, get tested. If you are positive, wait the 10 days before returning.

Some businesses require someone who has tested positive to have a clean test to go back to work, but again, Washington said to wait 10 days before that second test.

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