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Video shows violent confrontation that left roadside assistance worker in critical condition

Jacksonville police originally called to hit-and-run found much more

Jacksonville police originally called to hit-and-run found much more

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A worker called to unlock a car in Arlington late Wednesday night has what were described as life-threatening injuries after being struck several times, possibly by the people of the car she had just opened, then falling off that car as it sped away, according to video taken by witnesses.

Jacksonville police are looking for a very specific car they believe the suspects were driving: a black 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo.

The violent incident happened just before midnight in the University Food Mark near Playa Way and University Boulevard North.

Sgt. Patrick with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the call originally came in as a hit-and-run because the woman was found laying on in the street. Detectives were told the incident began as a robbery in the parking lot.

Police said the worker was called to the area by a motorist who reported his keys were locked in his vehicle. At some point as the woman employee was working, a struggle between the victim and a woman began. Videos provided to News4Jax by a witness show the worker refusing to get off the trunk of a car until she is paid.

“You did not pay!” she can be heard saying in the video.

“I did. It’s in the cash app,” the man replied.

Video from witnesses showed women apparently fighting over the fee for unlocking a car and the victim on trunk of that car as it left the scene.

A woman who was with the driver of the car pulled the worker off the trunk and they began to struggle -- perhaps over the car keys. Both women throw punches. Once she breaks away, the worker climbs back on the trunk and the man and a woman shown in the video get in the car as a witness yells, “Hold on. She on the car bro!”

They drove away. After a few dozen feet, the victim fell onto the street.

The videos given to News4Jax have also been shared with police.

Police said the victim is in life-threatening condition. Police are asking for the public’s help to find the Monte Carlo and its occupants. The car has red trim and “Jackman J” on one side. Police aren’t sure which side of the vehicle the lettering is on.

As of Thursday afternoon, police said the car had not been recovered. If you see this vehicle, you are urged not to approach and call 911 immediately.

News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson reviewed video of the confrontation and said the woman put herself at needless risk over money.

“If you find yourself in a situation like that, don’t take matters into your own hands because it could lead to dangerous consequences,” Jefferson said. “You can always fight it in court. Always call the police and make a report. Let the police handle it. It’s not worth your life.”

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