Unspecified stench has some Nassau County residents holding their noses

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A rotten smell in Nassau County has some residents in the area scratching their heads, and holding their noses.

Some say it’s been there for years at that it recently became overbearing. Now they’re calling on county leaders to make it go away.

Many people who live in the Yulee area off Amelia Concourse say they’ve smelled the stench.

As of Tuesday night, a Change.org petition had garnered nearly 600 signatures from people trying to get rid of the smell that they believe is coming from a wastewater treatment facility southwest of the Amelia Concourse and State Road 200 intersection.

The facility, owned by JEA, says it’s not the cause. A statement reads:

“The odor is not coming from JEA’s Nassau Water Reclamation Facility. JEA’s operations and maintenance team has determined that the plant is functioning properly and has no abnormal conditions at this time.”

Sherry Solat and hundreds of her neighbors are calling on Nassau County leaders to do something about the rotten smell.

“It smells like something died, just, really disgusting,” Solat said. “If you’re coming down Chester (Road) you have to put your recirculating air on inside otherwise you’re going to gag.”

One woman who lives in the North Hampton neighborhood says she can smell it in her home.

“In the morning I can smell it through the plumbing and faucets and through the laundry (room),” said Nina Hallick.

A spokesperson told News4Jax that the Nassau County Manager’s Office didn’t have any information to release but that it was investigating the issue.

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