Columbia County deputies replace child’s bike damaged in car chase

Deputies from Delta Shift replace a little girl's bike in Columbia County after it was damaged at the end of a car chase. (Courtesy of Columbia County Sheriff's Office Facebook page)

A group of Columbia County deputies got together to make sure a suspect didn’t ruin a child’s holidays.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, a recent vehicle chase ended in the front yard of a home -- on top of a child’s bicycle. No one was hurt, but the bike was damaged beyond repair.

The suspect was taken into custody, but the Delta Shift deputies could not let the story end there.

The Sheriff’s Office said the deputies all pitched in to buy the girl a new bicycle -- and a helmet.

“She was excited and so were we,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post with photos they shared of the special delivery.

Columbia County deputies replaced a bicycle that was destroyed in a suspect car chase. (Courtesy of Columbia County Sheriff's Office Facebook page)

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