St. Johns County to test tracking scanners for students who ride school buses

Zpass (Zonar)

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – The St. Johns County School district will be trying out some new tech on some of its buses next year.

Students at one school will be given ID badges they can scan when they get on and off the school bus each day. When students scan their badge it will allow the school district to know the time, date and location of each entry and exit from the bus in real-time.

It is part of a pilot program using Z Pass technology from Zonar that the school district said is meant to improve the safety and efficiency of student transportation.

The district said it will try out the scanners that are already being used in other districts across the state and decide if it wants to put them on every bus in the coming years.

“If the test data or the pilot data says wow, this is this is so great, then it’s really for the, you know, for the district officials then to say well, this is worth pursuing,” said Phil Rizzo, St. Johns County Schools Transportation Assistant Director.

It wasn’t immediately clear which school would get the scanners.

The school district also said that the 40 new school busses it ordered for next year will be equipped with sonar collision avoidance systems, among other features.

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