Jacksonville woman who lost godmother to COVID-19 urges others to get vaccinated

A Jacksonville woman who lost her godmother to COVID-19 complications nearly a year ago is reminding others to be vigilant when it comes to the virus.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville woman who lost her godmother last holiday season to COVID-19 complications wants others to protect themselves.

“COVID took a big part of my life away from me,” Adeara Booth said, “so I definitely want to bring awareness and make sure people stay safe.”

Booth says, now, there are more ways people can protect themselves than when her godmother was first diagnosed with COVID-19. She says she hopes others take precautions to protect their own families.

The smile on Cheryl Bacon’s face is just one thing her goddaughter misses the most about her. “I miss the joy that she had,” said Booth. “She was definitely the glue for all of us and we definitely miss her more and more each day.”

Last Christmas, Bacon was fighting for her life in the hospital against COVID-19. Days later, the 50-year-old grandmother passed. “I don’t wish that on anybody. That was one of the hardest times of my life,” said Booth.

This holiday season, COVID-19 cases are climbing amid the omicron variant. Last year, Bacon was diagnosed with COVID-19 before vaccines were available to her. Booth believes a vaccine would have saved her godmother’s life.

“I just really want everybody to be safe. We’re at a place in time where life is too short,” Booth said. “I would just tell people, just love on the people that you have in front of you. Love on every single last one of your loved ones that come around for the Christmas holidays.”