JetBlue cancels nearly 1,300 flights through mid-January as virus sidelines staff

JetBlue Airways file photo. (JetBlue Airways)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Airline cancellations surged for a seventh straight day and threatened to throw off weekend flights home for holiday travelers.

On Thursday, JetBlue Airways proactively canceled close to 1,300 flights through mid-January. In Jacksonville, FlightAware showed five flights were canceled at JAX -- all were JetBlue.

Delays and cancellations have been plaguing airports across the country amid a surge in COVID-19.

Cooper Feeney and his family experienced in on their way back home to New York. They’re flying JetBlue.

“We’re flying back in two hours, because our flight was delayed,” Feeney said.

Another four JetBlue flights were canceled on New Year’s Eve out of JAX -- and three on New Year’s Day.

Jacob Weiser and his dad flew on JetBlue to Jacksonville for a holiday golfing trip.

“Today it only got delayed by an hour, so it wasn’t too bad. But coming here we got delayed by a couple of hours, and instead of accepting the delay we had to fly into Orlando and just drove up here,” Weiser said.

Because of all of the cancellations and delays we’ve seen over the holidays, it’s important to always keep an eye on the status of your flight in case there are any changes.

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