No refund for recycling for now

Next week will mark 4 months since Jacksonville suspended curbside recycling

No end in sight for recycling suspension in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Now that Jacksonville is heading into its fourth month of suspending curbside recycling, the talk of a refund for service is growing.

The city is looking at options, including the possibility of doing away with the entire $152 garbage fee. That is only in the talking stage, and no action has been taken.

As for refunding the potion of that fee that actually pays for recycling, solid waste officials say that is not going to happen.

When recycling was suspended in October, Will Williams, chief of the Jacksonville Solid Waste Division, told News4JAX: “There will be no refunds of the fees. So, you pay $152 a year, $12.67 a month, divided into four different services. So, if we broke that down it’ll probably be $1, $2. That’s not worth the paper that we’re going to print it on, and that’s probably what is going to be.”

On Thursday, the mayor told News4JAX that they are continuing to look at all options but could not give any update on when curbside recycling would restart.

A town hall meeting to discuss solid waste services is scheduled for 6:45 p.m. Monday on the Westside at the West Branch Library located at 1425 Chaffee Road.

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