St. Augustine Road bike lane painted green as part of pilot project

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You may notice a green-colored bike lane while traveling along St. Augustine Road.

The city told News4JAX that it is part of a bike lane pilot project being installed from Philips Highway to Inwood Avenue.

The plan is to extend the green paint to Emerson Street after crews repave a portion of St. Augustine Road.

This comes after studies were done showing positive feedback about green pavement in bike lanes.

In St. Petersburg, a Florida Department of Transportation study found a higher percentage of motorists yielding for bikes after green paint was added. According to FDOT, drivers also used their signal more often when turning right. Also, the study showed that more bicyclists looked for approaching vehicles at intersections.

Another study, this one in New York City, showed that “green paint treatment can enhance bike lane visibility and limit instances of drivers driving in the bike lane or on the dividing line.” The study also said that the green-painted lanes contributed to increases in cycling rates and safety.

“It’s incumbent for all of us to make sure we’re aware of each other’s surroundings and make sure we’re respecting each other’s rights always,” said Christian Hancock, the public information officer for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Hancock gave some rules bicyclists need to follow at night, such as having a white light on the front of your bikes and red flashing light in the back at night, and make sure to wear illuminated clothing at night.

Hancock said make sure you’re extra cautious this time of year because more bikers will be on the roads.

“We want to keep vehicles and bicycles from ending up in each other’s space. Bicyclists never win,” Hancock said.

According to the latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, 846 bicyclists were killed nationwide in 2019, and 161 of those were in Florida.