Jacksonville woman arrested after helping 100+ people obtain unlawful licenses, report says

Woman was ‘subcontracted employee serving as an interpreter’, FHP said

Afsaneh Baghai-Amri, 56

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman has been arrested for helping more than 100 people obtain unlawful licenses, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

According to a tweet from FHP, Afsaneh Baghai-Amri, 56, is “a subcontracted employee serving as an interpreter” who would help people at the Duval County Tax Collector’s office on West 44th Street.

Police were tipped off when an employee at the tax collector’s office alerted Florida Highway Patrol that 137 people, who all applied for their driver’s licenses, listed the same Ponte Vedra address as their own. The address was confirmed to be the same as Baghai-Amri’s address.

Most of those people were Afghan immigrants, according to the report.

Baghai-Amri was caught in the act after FHP set up surveillance at the tax collector’s office and her house. In one of the videos, FHP observed the woman helping an applicant with answers to the test. FHP went to the tax collector’s office when she had just completed two application forms for two different men. They both listed their address as hers.

The woman admitted to FHP that neither men lived at her house and that she was trying to help them get employment. One of the two men admitted to cheating on his driver’s license exam because Baghai-Amri gave him the answers.

Baghai-Amri was charged with 178 counts of supplying unlawful licenses. Two additional felony charges were issued for falsifying information on exams. She was arrested in Duval County without incident.

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