Prosecutors: Father, son charged with selling silencers had 105 firearms, 13,800 rounds of ammo at home

Judge ordered son to remain in custody, deeming him a flight risk & danger to the community

Firearms resulting from search warrant executed at the home of Dustin and Greg Eward (U.S. Attorney's Office/Provided to WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Prosecutors said a Live Oak father and son accused of possessing & selling firearms silencers had vast amounts of firearms and ammunition in their home, according to court documents.

FBI agents arrested Dustin Eward, 44, and Greg Eward, 24, on May 9, on charges of possession and transfer of firearm silencers. Dustin Eward was additionally charged with threatening to assault and murder a federal law enforcement officer. Dustin Eward was taken into custody in Live Oak, while Greg Eward was arrested in Lake City. On May 19, they were each indicted on five charges, along with the additional charge for Dustin Eward involving the threats to law enforcement.

Photo Gallery: Inside the home of suspects Dustin and Greg Eward

A judge ordered that Dustin Eward be held in custody pending trial, and a hearing on whether or not Greg Eward would continue to be held took place on May 16.

According to recently-released court documents, at the May 16 hearing, prosecutors presented evidence as to why Greg Eward should continue to be held in custody until the trial, arguing he presented a flight risk and a danger to the community, and that no conditions of release could address those issues.

Prosecutors presented photographs of firearms and ammunition found at the Ewards’ home during the execution of the search warrant, outlining that the following was found:

  • 13,800 rounds of assorted ammunition
  • 105 firearms
  • 35 silencers
  • Enough silencer parts to make hundreds of silencers
  • 2 zip guns
  • Four 50-caliber weapons
  • Several fully automatic trigger packs
  • Demilitarized machine guns

Some of the photos depicted the weapons and ammunition as they were found in the home, and one showed the collective evidence once it was brought back to offices of ATF agents involved in the case.

Prosecutors said that Greg Eward said he had dual citizenship with Vanuatu, an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. They argued that was evidence of his flight risk, as the country has no extradition treaty with the United States, Eward had never visited the country, and he had no other apparent ties to the island.

DOCUMENT: Judge’s findings following detention hearing for Greg Eward

During the hearing, Greg Eward and his attorney called Eward’s mother, Sara Baldwin, as a witness, to question her about her suitability to serve as a third-party custodian. During cross-examination, prosecutors questioned her about photos of her and her son posing with firearms.

This photo of Greg Eward and his mother, Sara Baldwin, was presented by prosecutors as an exhibit during a detention hearing for Eward. (U.S. Attorney's Office/Provided to WJXT)

The judge determined there were some facts that could have made Baldwin a suitable third-party custodian, including the fact that she and her husband have no prior convictions, she owns no firearms, and she stated she would ensure the removal of her husband’s firearm from the home. But, according to court documents, Baldwin had not read the allegations against Eward before agreeing to serve as a third-party custodian, she works full-time about 35 miles from her home, she had never heard of Vanuatu, and Eward has had closer ties to his father in the last several years.

Based on all of the circumstances, the judge found that prosecutors had met their burden in arguing Greg Eward needed to remain in custody until his trial.

Dustin and Greg Eward are currently scheduled to face trial in July for possessing and selling silencers.