State Senator Audrey Gibson adds her name to the race for Jacksonville mayor in 2023

Gibson joins a 7 candidate race, with more expected to enter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Audrey Gibson added her name to the growing list of candidates running to be Jacksonville’s next mayor. Gibson filed at the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office on Tuesday.

There are seven candidates right now and there is a strong chance more people will add their names to the list. This will be a unitary race, so republicans, democrats, no-party and independents will all run together at the same time.

Gibson said she knows Jacksonville well and plans to attract more jobs, she said she will also will work to have partnerships that help taxpayers and provide policy that is data driven to make real changes in the community.

“For our economic growth we must continue to be in a prime position to compete with other port cities while being attentive to any environmental issues related to our beloved Saint Johns River,” Gibson said.

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Gibson is the second democrat to join the race. Donna Deegan, also a democrat, is known for her charity, public service and work in local TV. “I have a three pillar program that I have had from the very beginning of my campaign and that campaign is change for good and the pillars are good infrastructure, good health and a good economy,” Deegan said.

Republican LeAnna Cumber entered the race March 21st, and explained to News4JAX why she’s running for mayor. “Cities all over the country have done it, really revitalized themselves over the last decade,” Cumber said. “And we need to do that. And so I really just see so much optimism and so much excitement through the city.”

Frank Keasler Junior is also running as a republican. “I am absolutely thrilled about my candidacy and message that I have for Jacksonville, and welcome as many candidates that are qualified to get into the race,” Keasler Junior said. “That is good for democracy.”

Candidate Al Ferraro said he wants to improve safety and quality of life. “Some of our neighborhoods have been here for decades and generations are kind of taking a second seat compared to newer neighborhoods and communities coming in,” Ferraro said. “I am not the establishment candidate, I am the grassroots candidate.”

Non-party affiliation candidate, Dr. Omega Allen, said, “I am a no party affiliation candidate. NPA represents the people not the party. As mayor, the concerns of the people are my top priority. An equitable and just administration is what I bring to Jacksonville,” Allen said. “I’m not trying to turn Jacksonville red or blue, I’m keeping it red, white and blue.”

Darcy Richardson is also running for mayor. He is an independent.

The candidate with 50.1% or the top two with most votes will move forward regardless of party affiliation.

The 2023 Jacksonville mayoral election will be held on March 21, 2023. Incumbent mayor Lenny Curry is term limited and ineligible to run for re-election.

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