Traffic concerns spotlight discussion with members of Grand Park community

Photo from Thursday night meeting.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Members of the Grand Park community had a chance Thursday evening to meet with their new city council representative.

The invitation was simple — bring your questions and concerns. The focus turned out to be traffic and slowing drivers down.

The meeting at the Johnnie Walker Community Center was organized by Jacksonville City Council member Tyrona Clark-Murray. A study was done in April with a recommendation for speed humps to slow traffic.

The councilwoman says she thinks it’s important to keep the process moving.

”We’re going to circulate the petitions, talk with the residents specifically on Nancy street to see if they are interested in actually following through,” Clark-Murray said. “It’s going to take 75% of those residents. And I have spoken with those residents personally, and I believe that we’re going to get this done.”

Residents would need to come up with half the cost of the speed humps, and then the city would pay the other half.

The city would take care of the maintenance after that.