Residents of Mandarin apartment complex receive new notice saying homes will not be inspected by JSO

People living at Pickwick Flats expressed concerns after getting previous notice referencing inspections with Jacksonville police

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People living at a Mandarin apartment complex received a new notice saying their homes will not be inspected by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office as part of a crime watch initiative.

On Wednesday, News4JAX reported that some residents were concerned when they received a notice that JSO and staff of the Pickwick Flats were going to enter their apartments. They just didn’t think that was right. In fact, when News4JAX reached out to civil rights attorney John Phillips about the notice, he said, “That seems terribly unconstitutional.”

Since then, residents got another notice on their doors stating that’s not going to happen.

“Sadly, we’ve found that the information provided by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was inaccurate. We are now being told that the safety inspection is mandatory for the property but voluntary for the residents. The inconsistent communication from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has created discomfort for our residents. For that reason, we have decided not to move forward with the program in the future,” reads, in part, the message with Thursday’s date (see the entire letter below).

The Sheriff’s Office said that there was just a lot of misinformation coming out from all of this. So, for now, those inspections are not taking place.

In response to the new notice, JSO also told News4JAX that its statement from Wednesday, along with information on the Sheriff’s Watch Program webpage, speaks for itself.

“In order to be part of the program, the complex must participate in an annual safety inspection. As mentioned before, this inspection focuses on things such as the types of locks used on windows and doors and ensuring views of certain areas are not obscured. At no time do officers enter apartments without the consent of the tenant and if they do enter, at no point do they conduct searches of the apartments,” JSO went on to say Friday.

News4JAX has been reaching out to the apartment complex management since Wednesday and has not heard back.

Page 1 of the Thursday message to residents of the Mandarin apartment complex. (Special to WJXT)
Page 2 of the Thursday message to residents of the Mandarin apartment complex. (Special to WJXT)

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