Vandal targets Murray Hill restaurant on Edgewood Avenue

Murray Hillbilly only business along block displaying Pride flag and rainbow

A popular Murray Hill restaurant was the target of vandalism, and some are questioning if the crime was an anti-LGBTQ+ attack.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A popular Murray Hill restaurant was the target of vandalism early Wednesday morning.

The glass door of the Murray Hillbilly vegan restaurant on Edgewood Avenue was busted, but no one entered the building, according to surveillance video.

“After looking around, we found a cinderblock nearby and some residue on the door,” owner Rafaella DeGracia said.

She and her partner looked at security footage, which captured a man who police believe is a suspect in the incident.

“Our footage only picks up if there is activity, so we saw him taking off his vest and putting his bike down and then he sat down,” DeGracia said. “The next thing you see is the glass is broken.”

The Murray Hillbilly was recently vandalized. (Special to WJXT)

DeGracia said she and her partner can only speculate as to why someone would smash the glass door. If the vandal wanted to do a smash-and-grab, they could have done it. But the vandal never entered the building.

There are several neighboring businesses on the block, including shops, bars and other restaurants. But Murray Hillbilly is one of the only businesses displaying a large Pride flag in the window and a rainbow on the glass door. And it was the only business that was vandalized.

“We joked about it. Like maybe he didn’t like our art on our walls or on our door,” DeGracia said.

DeGracia said regardless of the motive, the vandalism will not deter her and her partner from running a respectable business.

“We’re here at work and we’re going to keep opening up and we’re going to keep serving food,” said DeGracia.

Anyone who has information about this incident is urged to contact Jacksonville police at 904-630-0500.

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