First kicker for the Jaguars talks glory days and the playoffs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In the last moments leading up to last weekend’s Jaguar’s game-winning kick at the TIAA Bank Field, a multitude of thoughts coupled with mounds of high levels of nervousness had to have kicker Riley Patterson on edge.

Mike Hollis was the first kicker for the Jags. He wore the Jags jersey from the glory years of 1996 to 1999 and converted 175 field goals. Hollis was also on the team when the Jags made the AFC Championship in 1996 and 1999.

News4JAX spoke with Hollis about Patterson’s what the 23-year-old kicker could have been feeling during that intense moment that led to a victory.

“You know, the thing with those kinds of kicks is you really have to know things don’t change much. Your mechanics are the same regardless of the situation, regardless of the consequences of the kick. Just kick the ball, like you’ve done day in and day out prior to that. It’s a mental thing,” Hollis said.

Having been there, Hollis admits tuning out the external noise is easier said than done.

“You have to do your best by dumbing down the who process and ignoring everything going on just like you would any kick,” Hollis said.

When asked why would you put more emphasis on that kick than the first kick of the game.

“They are all important, Hollis said.

Hollis also said the team can’t play cardiac cats against Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs teammates -- to win and make it to the next round and hopefully the Super Bowl, they’ll have to play four consistent rounds of football.

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