Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis visits Northeast Florida to promote new book

Governor signs books in Jacksonville Beach, speaks with supporters at Fraternal Order of Police in Jacksonville

Gov. Ron DeSantis was in Northeast Florida on Thursday, promoting his new book, “The Courage to be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.”

He signed books in Jacksonville Beach and then spoke to supporters at the Fraternal Order of Police in Jacksonville.

Northeast Florida was just one stop on the governor’s “Florida Blueprint Tour.”

The event is hosted by conservative nonprofit “And to the Republic.” According to the organization’s website, Gov. DeSantis is set to head to Clearwater, Florida, next week and then to Iowa. The organization was formed in Michigan about a month ago, and it’s involvement with governor and his travel out of state is fueling speculation a presidential run could be coming.

At the FOP, DeSantis thanked supporters for a warm welcome and then dove right into his new book.

“It’s always good when this is No. 1 in America right now,” he said.

He spoke about going up against the “Happiest Place on Earth.” On Monday, he signed into law a change that gives him control of Walt Disney World’s self-governing district, a move made to punish the company over its public opposition to the Parental Rights in Education law, which some critics call the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

“The woke mob comes after them and so they genuflect to the mob, I think the Disney thing was the biggest when we said enough is enough,” DeSantis said.

He also spent considerable time talking about his family, laughing at the irony of his wedding at Disney

“I was, like, ‘That’s totally fine, it’s your day, I’m just along for the ride, but I am not having Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck anywhere near this wedding,” DeSantis said.

At the book signing earlier in the day, DeSantis supporters waiting in line said they appreciate the governor’s COVID-19 policies and his defiant stance.

DeSantis supporters waiting in line at the book signing today said they appreciate the governor’s Covid policies and his defiant stance.

“Keeping the schools open and helping our seniors here in the state during COVID,” said Dave Pagadoan, who lives in Jacksonville.

Nita Spatola, who lives in Jacksonville said, “The Republican Party needs to fight.”

At the FOP, the governor said that his political success came from hard work.

“We knocked on doors over like a four-month period, thousands,” DeSantis said.

He stood by his convictions and leveraging the full power of his government position.

“My view is, you know, I may have won 50% of vote, but I’m entitled to 100% of the executive power, and I’m going to use it,” DeSantis said.

Some Democrats think he has gone too far when it comes to things like restricting certain books in schools and proposals to defund diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at institutions of higher learning. But the crowds Thursday were there for Gov. DeSantis’ message.

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