Mother accuses man of breaking into Brunswick apartment, raping 14-year-old daughter

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – A mother of a teen accused a homeless man of breaking into her apartment and sexually assaulting her daughter, the Glynn County District Attorney Keith higgins revealed in a news conference related to another crime.

Troy Rogers III, 53, is accused of breaking into an apartment off Albany Street in Brunswick and raping the 14-year-old.

The mother said she was at work when it happened. She also said Rogers was a total stranger and she believes he knew that her daughter was home alone at the time.

“My daughter gave very full descriptions of him, from his height to the look of his eyeballs to the way he walked. They instantly knew who he was when she described him,” the mother said.

According to the mother, Rogers sexually abused the teen for five hours before leaving.

“As soon as she opened the door, he pushed it on her. As soon as he came in, he punched her in the mouth, knocked her on the bed and grabbed a baseball bat,” the mother said.

Rogers was arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation, one count of rape and one count of home invasion.

“I was truly in disbelief that someone would go through the extent of doing the things she was telling me what happened,” she said.

One neighbor, however, said those charges should not have been filed against Rogers. They also said the day of the alleged assault, the mother and another man were outside arguing with Rogers over $20.

The neighbor said he used to live at the apartments and knows how many people currently live there.

“If she was raped, why didn’t anyone inside hear her? The rooms are connected. So, how can he rape her when all those people are in there,” the neighbor questioned.

The neighbor also said he saw Rogers get arrested.

Two neighbors News4JAX spoke with said they strongly believe Rogers was wrongly arrested and charged with a crime he did not commit.

The mother, however, is confident that the police got the right person.

Investigators are still working to determine a motive and if there’s any connection between Rogers and the victim.

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