St. Johns County teacher charged with sending lewd photos to student

Chemistry teacher allegedly communicated with St. Augustine High School students via Snapchat

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Prosecutors in St. Johns County charged Kyle Spitzer, a 26-year-old chemistry teacher at St. Augustine High School, with multiple counts of transmitting material harmful to minors by an electronic device.

According to an affidavit from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, Spitzer met a 13-year-old victim through a family member who was his former student. Prosecutors alleged the two communicated via Snapchat between Oct. 2022 and Dec. 2022.

“The victim stated the conversation was harmless in the beginning but became odd when the school shut down for Hurricane Nicole,” the report states.

The affidavit says Spitzer sent the student multiple lewd photos to the student via Snapchat, including images that show Spitzer’s exposed genitals.

The victim eventually disclosed to a person who is a mandatory reporter by law, that she had received nude photos from Spitzer. It prompted the mandatory reporter to alert the Department of Children and Families and the school’s administration.

The affidavit said Spitzer routinely gave students nicotine vaporizers to use during school, making him popular among students, and that he invited students over to his home to just “hang out” on multiple occasions.

Spitzer was charged with three counts of transmission of harmful materials to minors and one count of unlawful use of an electronic device.

According to the St. Johns County School District, Spitzer has not been in contact with students since December, when the investigation was launched. Spitzer was informed Friday that he will not be reappointed to his position at St. Augustine High School when his current contract ends, regardless of the outcome of his criminal case.