🔒 Insiders Only: Help rename the Gaughan Gauge

The Weather Authority Chief Meteorologist John Gaughan has been using the Gaughan Gauge to help you get a sense of the next day's forecast for 30 years. What should we call it when Richard Nunn takes over the job in June? (WJXT)

Much like the United Kingdom in recent weeks, there will soon be a changing of the guard at The Local Station...meteorologically speaking.

The Weather Authority Chief Meteorologist John Gaughan is retiring after 30 years at the end of May and will be handing his role over to Richard Nunn.

Since 1993, John has been helping you get a complete grasp of the next day’s forecast by using the Gaughan Gauge, a 1-10 scale of how the next day’s weather would be. Richard will now need a name for his rankings.

⏯️ Watch a special message from John and Richard (Press Play)

‘Lil help?

That’s where our News4JAX Insiders come in. Fill out the form below to help us come up with a new name for how Richard recaps tomorrow’s forecast. We’ll take the four suggestions we like the best and will then let Insiders vote on which one they like the most. You have until May 23 at midnight to make your suggestion. We’ll announce the new name after June 1. Thanks!