Elderly Putnam County woman loses leg, ear following vicious dog attack

86-year-old Gertrude Bishop still recovering at UF Health Shands Gainesville

HAWTHORNE, Fla. – A Putnam County woman is in intensive care following a vicious dog attack right in front of her home last Friday.

Gertrude Bishop, 86, is still at UF Health Shands Gainesville and has already had one leg amputated due to the attack. She also lost her ear.

Her son Wayne Thomas said his mother remains in intensive care for the time being while doctors work to drain off fluids and stabilize her. He also said his mother still has a trachea tube in her throat because her windpipe was damaged in the attack.

The attack happened when Thomas said the two dogs that live on the property across the street somehow got out of the fence and attacked her in her front yard. Neighbors say the dog’s owner came over and hit the dogs with a white plastic chair to get them off of her. Thomas said one of the dogs was a pitbull but he wasn’t sure the breed of the other dog.

He said Putnam County Animal Control has possession of the two dogs and they’re under quarantine to determine whether they have rabies. Thomas added that the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is investigating potential charges against the dogs’ owner.

“She wants to get some level of justice. She’s also forgiving. She’s understanding that there’s some things that are out of people’s control but she does want some level of restitution for this situation.” said Thomas.

Neighbors also told News4JAX that the dogs have been an ongoing problem in the neighborhood. “Because we have called the pound dozens of times on this guy’s dogs. And they come out and say we don’t feel like chasing them. I’ve called them, this lady has called them those people over there. This gentleman. Everybody has called the pound,” said neighbor Gene Sheffield.

Thomas started a GoFundMe to help with any unforeseen expenses.

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