86-year-old Hawthorne woman loses ear, receives stitches and undergoes leg surgery after being mauled by 2 dogs

HAWTHORNE, Fla. – An 86-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital after being viciously attacked Friday by two dogs in her Hawthorne neighborhood.

Her son, Wayne Thomas, said he received a call from his mother’s neighbor about the incident. Since then, he said he’s been by her side praying for the best outcome.

“If it wasn’t for the neighbors across the street. We might be talking about a different type of story. I’m just so grateful for them,” Thomas said while fighting back tears.

Thomas said his strong-willed mom, Gertrude Bishop, nicknamed Ms. Terri, was getting water out of her car when the two dogs attacked her.

“Her right ear is completely gone. She has multiple bite wounds on all of her extremities. Both of her arms, both of her legs. She has a big laceration on her mouth where they had to do stitches on her mouth,” Thomas said. “Her right leg was bitten so badly they are going to be doing amputation on it.”

Wayne Thomas and his mother, Gertrude Bishop, nicknamed Ms. Terri (Courtesy of family)

Thomas said his mom has had problems with those dogs on the street before but never to this extent.

He also said since the attack happened the responding deputy has been checking on him and his mom. That kindness and his wife’s support is what Thomas said is getting him through such a difficult time.

“It’s been a cascade of emotions for me. Because I call my mom every day because I live in Duval County and I see her at least once or twice a week,” Thomas said. “I have a lot of guilt right now because I wasn’t there to protect her and be there for her.”

The dogs that attacked his mother were taken away by animal control. His hope is that they don’t return and do this to someone else.

Thomas started a GoFundMe to help with any unforeseen expenses.

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