JEA trimming trees on Jacksonville’s northside to prepare for hurricane season

Downed tree limb on Runnymeade Road in Jacksonville's Brierwood area (Photo: Adam Lauwaert)

JACKSONVILLE – As we get closer to hurricane season, people are getting ready for the worst, and hoping for the best.

Neighborhoods in Jacksonville and surrounding areas have suffered weeks without water and power due to the effects of tropical storms, hurricanes and severe weather that come through during hurricane season.

JEA is already preparing to keep these communities safer by “hardening the electric and water operations” and cutting down the main problem--tree branches.

Tree falls on powerline in Atlantic Beach's Johansen Park

JEA has invested millions of dollars in upgrading their electric operations to make them more water resistant to lessen the chances of water disrupting the power cords.

JEA wants to remind residents to visit their website and make sure their contact information is up to date and to register for power restoration alerts.

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